Petestep® technology

Higher comfort without compromising performance or fuel economy

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An efficient use of spray water, patented

Petestep’s innovation allows for a reduced wetted surface, reduced wasted energy in spray flow to the sides, reduced pounding and noise as well as an increased side stability. This means a unique combination of fuel efficiency, comfort and stability. Petestep’s deflectors work by redirecting sideways flowing spray down and aft, above the calm water surface. This has not been done before and therefore, Petestep has been able to patent the invention.
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Conventional spray rails

Conventional planing hulls use spray rails in order to reduce the hull’s wetted surface and thereby reduce frictional drag. However, the spray rails are noisy and make the boat slam harder in waves. By deflecting water flow to the sides of the boat, spray rails also waste energy, resulting in a higher fuel consumption than necessary.

Petestep® deflectors

Petestep deflectors redirect the otherwise wasted spray water down and aft, giving the boat a lift and forward thrust force. They also reduce more wetted surface than possible using spray rails. The combined result is a much lower water resistance and energy need than other V-bottom hulls.

Less pounding

Petestep® deflectors make the boat ride softer in waves. This means less pounding and the ability to travel at a higher speed in rough conditions. On average, the impact peak acceleration (G-force) is reduced by 30% in waves, while the hull noise normally associated with hitting waves is reduced to an absolute minimum. In a boat equipped with a Petestep hull, the ride comfort is therefore significantly increased.

Simulation based design

Every Petestep® hull has been designed for its intended use. Boats are simulated in multiple load conditions and speeds to allow a very high degree of optimization.

Tailored hulls

In order to achieve an optimal hull, we design each Petestep® bottom to suit a specific boat model, with the specific engine options. This ensures that the boat will always run according to its specifications.

Thorough calculations

To get the ideal hull design for a boat model, the intended use as well as all the installed components are to be taken into account. At Petestep, we use our advanced simulation tools in combination with a thorough specification. The final design will have an unparalleled combination of softness, quietness, comfort and fuel efficiency.

Less time to market

Because we have already driven the boat in various load conditions in our extensive simulation tool, the need for prototyping is reduced. This means shorter lead times on new models and a higher degree of optimization on the hull.