What is the optimum deadrise angle?

2015.09.09 Author: Jonas Danielsson

A planing boat design is always a trade-off between comfort and fuel efficiency. A larger deadrise angle makes the boat softer in waves while a smaller deadrise makes the boat more stable and less fuel consuming. Hence, the optimum deadrise angle depends on the boat’s characteristics and how it is used. If a boat is planned to go racing in offshore conditions, a higher deadrise angle is often preferred to manage the loads associated with high speed. If another boat is planned to be used on a calm lake, a low deadrise angle is a better choice in order to keep the fuel costs down and increase speed, although it will pound hard in a wave.

Boats using Petestep technology become much softer at the same deadrise angle. At the same level of comfort, Petestep boats will become much more fuel efficient. Thus, the optiumum deadrise angle of a Petestep boat can be less than the optimum angle for a spray rail boat, while still riding softer and leaner!