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Silver Tiger wins Best of Boat Award 2019

We are proud and happy to announce that Silver Tiger won the Best of Boats Award – Best for Beginners. Part of the motivation from jury member and presenter Kerstin Zillmer was “For the winner we chose the boat with the most innovative hull that performs fantastically.”

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About the Petestep and Zodiac collaboration on eJET 450 in IBI News and Mega Yacht News

New articles about the Petestep and Zodiac collaboration on the eJET 450, in Mega Yacht News

About the Petestep and Zodiac collaboration on the eJET 450, in the biggest international industry magazine IBI News:



Great reviews for Silver Tiger and its hull, in German magazine Float.

“Due to the lower water resistance, the friction resistance is also lower. This means: more thrust. Due to the alignment of the deflectors, the hull hits the wave much softer. This makes the ride quieter and more stable. And that is what we clearly experience during our testing. The hull behaves more nimble and this feels great”

Article also available in German:


Petestep – In WasserSport

Great reviews about Petestep and Silver Tiger in German magazine WasserSport

Nevertheless: The new Silver “Petestep” tiger could impressively prove that the Petestep hull is more than just a step in the right direction. It fulfilled all promises and in some respects even exceeded expectations and set new standards.


Petestep on

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“During our test, with just one Volvo Penta D6 400, the Swedish boat showed impressive agility on water as well as very good figures. Not only a remarkable top speed, just under 42 knots, but also decidedly limited fuel consumption at economic cruising speed”


First reviews for Silver Tiger

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The Silver Tiger was tested by Jan Sjölund at and by Christian Schneider from Wasser Sport. Reviews have already been published on their websites. Jan Sjölund wrote:

“The best aspects of the Petestep hull is the comfort and silence of the hull. Especially when driving straight ahead in waves. The Tiger is at home driving from one waveto another. The hull breaks the waves smoothly and without much slamming, even though the wave height approached one meter during the test run”

“There was no surprise despite strenuous experiments, the boat was even exceptionally graceful. Even using all your imagination in wheel and throttle handling will not cause any unpleasant or dangerous consequences.”


Christian Schneider wrote:

“The Petestep-hull being more than a step in the right direction, was confirmed by the new Silver “Petestep”-Tiger in an impressive way. It fulfulled all promises and even exceeded the expectations and thereby set a new standard”


Petestep in Motorboat & Yachting

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Fantastic reviews for HOC 33P Cruiser


The hull of the HOC has received fantastic reviews that have already been published in French and Swedish magazines. The French “Moteur Boat” wrote “the hull needs a separate article” and “at the test we felt like running on a cushion of air and cutting the surface like snow with parabolic skis”. Swedish magazine “Båtnytt” wrote “The ride continues ahead in 40 knots; safe, soft and quiet. This is cool for real. Even the not-so-experienced driver can appear professional now.”

More articles about the HOC 33 are on their way.

Here you can read Båtnytt’s article in Swedish:
Here you can read Moteur Boat’s article in French:


Yamarin 81 DC is Day Cruiser of the year at Helsinki boat show

Yamarin’s new 81 DC, the first series production boat with a Petestep® bottom was awarded Day Cruiser of the show at Vene 2016 in Helsinki. Congratulations, Yamarin!

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Så blir nya superbåten

[] Media’s reception of the first press show of the boat factory in Visby that produces HOC Yachts, was very positive. Focus was largely on its new, innovative Petestep hull. (In Swedish)


Petestep featured in

After Petestep-inspired boats proved to be much faster on the race courses in the summer of 2015, wrote about the project (in Swedish).