Zodiac Nautic boosts performance with Petestep on the eJET 450

2019.10.14 Author: Jonas Danielsson

Electric yacht tender Avon eJET 450 from Zodiac Nautic boosts performance and comfort with Petestep technology.

With Avon’s new eJET range of boats, Zodiac Nautic create world’s first premium electric tenders for yachts with similar range and better onboard comfort than conventional combustion engine tenders.

“The Petestep technology was very interesting when we first saw it, and the eJET 450 hull even exceeded our high expectations”, explains Zodiac Nautic’s Product Manager, Antoine Hèber-Suffrin. “Petestep’s simulations proved very accurate. The range in planing speeds was actually increased by 15% and the top speed increased by 10% compared to a conventional hull. The ride is also incredibly dry.”

The development of the Avon eJET 450 has been an uncompromising project, aiming at demanding clients mainly in the super yacht segment. This puts high requirements on all aspects of a new boat model. A brand-new electric jet driveline has been used to make the boat emission and maintenance free. It is also essential that the hull allows for superb efficiency to obtain over an hour of usage in planing speeds, as well as a soft and quiet behavior in the seas to have an advantage in onboard ride comfort with large battery and the electric motor.

Petestep made simulations and could see significant improvements both to the performance and to the dryness of the ride, by reducing the wetted area and redirecting spray water downwards and aftwards. “It’s very important to work closely with our customers, and with Zodiac Nautic this has been a main thread throughout this innovative project.” says Jonas Danielsson, CEO of Petestep. “With the quiet electric driveline, it’s very rewarding to experience the total package working so well on the Avon eJET 450.“

Avon is planning more models in different sizes in the e-jet range, to suit a wide range of tender needs.

About Zodiac Nautic
The inventor of the inflatable boat, Zodiac Nautic is the world’s largest and most recognized manufacturer of rigid-inflatable boats, inflatable boats, life rafts and safety equipment with an extensive production, distribution and customer service operation throughout the world.
www.avon-tenders.com, www.zodiac-nautic.com

About Petestep
Petestep was founded in 2012 with the mission to make planing boats ride better, after developing a new type of planing hull which improves the efficiency and comfort of motorboats.

Image courtesy of Zodiac Nautic, www.avon-tenders.com

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