How does Petestep develop a new boat hull?

All full planing boats can benefit greatly from a Petestep hull. However, the technology is such an integral part of a boat model that it needs to be in the design right from the start. The technology can’t be retrofitted or transferred between boat models. Manufacturers work in cooperation with us to develop a boat with the best possible comfort and performance. We make sure the hull is optimized for a particular model and put restrictions on the placement of equipment and tanks etc. Petestep charges a fee for the design and development, along with a license fee for each produced boat. Petestep keeps in regular contact with the manufacturers to ensure the boats are being produced according to the specifications.

More and more manufacturers are becoming interested in our technology. If you are a manufacturer and want to get in contact click here.

If you are a consumer, maybe your local distributor will have a Petestep boat soon. Next time you buy a boat, ask for one with a Petestep hull!