What constitutes a well-designed hull?

2016.09.27 Author: Jonas Danielsson

Of course, every boat is a trade off. E.g. between weight, cost, performance and interior space. You can’t have it all. Therefore, a hull has to suit the boat model’s intended use. If the boat is a fast offshore military boat, it might be ok to be a little heavier and more expensive. On the other hand, it the boat is to be used by the mass market with friends on a lake a couple of times per year, it should probably have as much space as possible for the money.

When the concept is figured out and the priorities are set, all parameters of the boat should be optimized to get the best boat possible. The chine beam, center of gravity, deadrise, engine power, just to name a few parameters, are optimized to get the best performance possible. At Petestep, we use advanced computer simulations that considers the exact pressure distribution under the hull bottom, in order to create the best trade-off possible