Why is engine trim important?

2015.11.19 Author: Jonas Danielsson

In one way you should use as little engine trim as possible. A neutral trim will make the boat less sensitive to waves and will make it easier to steer at high speed. It is also true that if you trim the engine up or down a lot you will lose thrust. But in planing V-bottom boats, the most important thing is that the boat has a good angle of attack. As soon as you get over the hump, the bow will drop downward with increasing speed. But you want to keep the boat close to its optimum trim angle. This will require you to trim the bow down in low speed close to the hump, and bow up, at high speed.

Usually a good angle of attack is around 4 degrees, but it depends on speed. On Petestep boats, different deflectors are optimized for different angles of attack, at different speeds. If the engine trim is not used correctly, the deflectors will not be optimally functioning but they are designed to have better performance than a comparable spray rail hull in every situation.