Petestep® is a new patented technology for boat hull design,
that results in a more comfortable and fuel efficient boat ride


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Conventional spray rails with their flat surfaces are associated with hard landings. Petestep® deflectors, on the other hand, dampens landings and lowers slamming by up to 50%, resulting in unmatched ride comfort.


Petestep® hulls reduce resistance by removing friction and reducing energy waste. Up to 35% less energy is required to propel the boat forward, which could lead to significantly lower fuel consumption at comparable level of comfort.


No more clatter in waves! Because Petestep® hulls don’t have any horizontal flat surfaces that smash the water under the hull, the biggest source of hull noise is removed. This makes Petestep® hulls create a lot less noise from waves, which significantly adds to the comfort of the ride.

More stable

Petestep® hulls increase stability, both at speed and at the dock. At zero speed, Petestep® hulls have a wider footprint that makes the boat less prone to heeling. When at speed, the deflectors stabilise the boat, once again contributing to a better ride.

Patented spray deflecting technology



The Petestep® spray deflectors are a brand new concept that surrounds the running waterline above the water in a triangular shape. This has many great advantages and not been done before, why we have been able to patent the invention.



“Like a well-honed sportscar, it felt taut and stable, absorbing the waves quietly and efficiently with a firmly damped motion that never slammed” – Hugo Andrae, Motorboat & Yachting about HOC 33P Cruiser


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