April 4, 2019

First Reviews for Silver Tiger

The Silver Tiger was tested by Jan Sjölund at Totalvene.fi and by Christian Schneider from Wasser Sport. Reviews have already been published on their websites. Jan Sjölund wrote:

“The best aspects of the Petestep hull is the comfort and silence of the hull. Especially when driving straight ahead in waves. The Tiger is at home driving from one waveto another. The hull breaks the waves smoothly and without much slamming, even though the wave height approached one meter during the test run”

“There was no surprise despite strenuous experiments, the boat was even exceptionally graceful. Even using all your imagination in wheel and throttle handling will not cause any unpleasant or dangerous consequences.”

Christian Schneider wrote:

“Petestep”-Tiger in an impressive way. It fulfulled all promises and even exceeded the expectations and thereby set a new standard”